Chitosan Capsules

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Look at our living environment

We need TIENS Chitosan Capsules

to eliminate the excessive substances and toxin from our body

Fighting !
Eliminate Toxin!

In 1989, Japan successfully applied the Chitosan for skin cancer and pulmonary disorders treatment for the first time.

In recent years,the European countries paid high attention into the great importance of Chitosan.

Thus massive studies of nearly a thousand papers about Chitosan have been done, while hundreds of different patent applications related to Chitosan have been carried out.

For health food products which contained of Chitosan are recognized as

“The Third Generation of Health Food.”

The chelating is like the pilers of crab which

able to seize the heavy metals, metabolic wastes and so on

remove toxins from body

seize the excessive fats to achieve

weight loss and other health effects

Why we choose TIENS Chitosan??

from the nature

Pure and natural health product

High purity extraction

The use of high biotechnology to extract it from crab and shrimp shell, ensure high purity and stable quality

Capsules Form

convenient and easy carry

international recognition

won various honors locally and abroad

100% pure chitosan

each capsules containes 100% pure Chitosan powder

HALAL Certification

owned JAKIM Halal Certification


Reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in the body

Protect the body from radiation

Lower blood lipid, blood pressure and blood glucose

Inhibit the growth of tumor

  10 Super Health Effects


Enhance the intestinal functions

Strengthen the liver functions

Drug hangover and prevent fatty liver

Reduce body weight

  • I had removed the left cheek mole; unfortunately the wound was infected with serious bacterial infections. The parasites began to grow on my face and caused my face becomes smelly and totally destroyed. After diagnosed, the doctor confirmed that I had skin cancer. I was blessed to meet Miss Roselyn and Miss Leonilda, both of them taught me how to use Tiens products (Antilip Tea, Chitosan and Airiz Sanitary Panty Liner) to remove the parasites on my face. In addition, I also take chitosan every day, and finally eight weeks later, the wound can be said to be almost healed. I am very grateful to the extraordinary benefits of Tiens products and will continue to support such great product!

    Premo Crisma Cabales
    Premo Crisma Cabales
  • I had found a lump in one of my breasts. Doctor advised me to do mammogram and sonomammogram every six months but he did not give me any medication. Therefore, I started to take Chitosan, Antilip Tea, Hi-Cal and Dong Chong Cao every day. And fortunately, the products have greatly improved my condition wherein some of the lumps are disappeared in my last sonomammogram. Besides that, my elevated cholesterol and uric acid levels returned back to normal. Furthermore, doctor diagnosed that I had mild blepharitis but it get well after I started taking Xincplas. I would like to thank Tiens for helping me to regain a healthy and joyful life!

    Leonida S Guerzo
    Leonida S Guerzo
Product Details
Product Name Tiens Chitosan Capsules
Main Ingredients Chitin
Product Specification Each bottle 350mg x 100 capsules
Suitable for people Low Immunity (this product can’t replace medicines)
Not suitable for people Children
Direction of use Take 2 times daily, 2 capsules each time, before meal, with warm water

RM 214.00 (Malaysia)

B$ 85.20 (Brunei)

RM 189