Dong Chong Cao


The Great Enemy for Hundreds of Diseases

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Dong Dong Chong Cao is perhaps the rarest and most precious herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It can complement various health deficiencies; strengthen Qi, kidney and lung functions, and overcome bleeding and phlegm.

It is as valuable as the Ginseng and Velvet Antler.

It contains about 7% of cordyceps acids, 25% of protein, about 8.4% of fats and rich in 20 kinds of essential amino acids. Furthermore, it is rich in citamins, minerals, ergosterol, xylitol, alkaloids and various biological enzymes.

It can use for medicinal and edible purposes, is world-renowned health tonic treasures.

Tiens Cordyceps Capsules

is using Cordyceps Sinensis which

is an alternative to wild Dong Chong Cao

Cordyceps Sinensis

Artificial Culture
Nutritional composition is stable
Contain 7 times more of Adenosine
Strengthen 45% for the health effects


Wild Dong Chong Cao

Grow naturally
Nutritional composition might not stable
Very expensive
Contain normal percentage of Adenosine
Provide general health effects

Product Features

use the high quality Cordyceps Sinensis that produced in fermentation process

each capsule = 500mg Cordyceps Sinensis powder

by using high bio-separation technology to extract the active ingredients and this ensure higher levels of polysaccharides, adenosine and so on which are also more active

using vegetarian capsule form, ensure quickly absorbed by the body, easy to carry and it suitable for vegetarians and Muslims to consume

this product can be used as tea or cooking purposes as well

Super Health Effects

Strengthening lungs function
Overcome cough & phlegm
Strengthen sexual abilities
Enhance energy level
Regulate immune system
Improve respiratory system
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
Regulate blood lipid & blood pressure
Product Details
Product Name Tiens Dong Chong Cao Capsules
Main Ingredient Cordyceps Sinensis
Product Specification Each bottle 500mg x 100 capsules
Suitable for people Low immunity, easily fatigue (this product can’t replace any medicines)
Not suitable for Children
Direction of use Take 2 times daily, 2 capsules each time, after meal, with warm water

RM 214 (W.Msia)

RM 214